Does VideoRedo work with DirecTV2PC?


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Hey everybody, I am looking into switching from Charter Cable to DirecTV service via Centurylink, which would render my Tivo boxes useless, but I found out that they offer a service with their DVRs comparable to Tivo Desktop (DirecTV2PC using the DirecTV Cinema Kit), at least to the extent that it allows you to transfer recordings to your PC for viewing. I was wondering if anyone knows whether whatever format makes it onto my PC will be editable with VideoRedo. The ability to edit and save my recordings is definitely a prerequisite to any DVR-related decision I make from here on out, but I can't seem to dig up the information I need on this anywhere.


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Check to see if they are encrypted.

DirecTV may allow you to archive to PC but it may only play back on the DVR when transferred back in which case the are not editable with VRD.
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