Don't understand the editing process


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I am trying to make a dvd of a television program. It tells me to edit it (that's all for directions) Do I just run the program on the computer until it finishes. I don't want to do any cuts or anything just copy the television program to the dvd. It is on my hard drive which is attached to a DVR on my tv. When I tried to make the dvd without doing anything it copies one scene and flips back to the beginning. Can anyone help a newbie? Thanks:rolleyes:


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There is a separate guide for editing.

Here is a guide to assist you:

If you want to make a DVD of a single file:

If you want to place multiple files on a DVD:

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I need help to combine multiple .trp files made on an HDD attached to a Technomate satellite receiver. This receiver will only work with a FAT 32 formatted HDD, but to burn HD files they must be combined into one file on an NTSF formatted HDD.


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To combine multiple files that are split based on file size, select them all in the file open dialog box and select combine.
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