DVD chapters not saved to recoded file


I'm having to take extra steps to get chapters in a video pulled from a dvd file.
"Chapter Marks" is turned on and when cutting sections from a non-DVD job, the chapters marks are in the file at the cut points.

I "Open File from a DVD", select the video and "Quick Stream Fix" opens.
I select the output format (MKV or MP4) I want and let it run.
When done, the main VRD edit window opens and shows the combined/recoded file - WITH CHAPTER MARKS in the timeline.
There is also recoded file on my drive, but IT contains no chapter info.
I then have "Add Selection" the entire video and "Fast Recode" the video showing in the VRD edit window to a second copy to get the chapter marks included.
I can then close VRD and have to delete the first file from my drive.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a clunk in VRD


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When you QSF a DVD like that it doesn't actually add the chapters to the file. They're stored temporarily in a separate text file and then re-imported when the QSF is loaded back in to the UI. Unfortunately we can't really fix this because QSF doesn't support chapters. Chapters are stored as scene markers in the UI portion of the program. QSF opens the file in a sub-process that's separate from the main UI, which means It has no concept of the scene markers. The DVD chapter feature is a bit of a trick we implemented specifically so they could get their chapters back after the QSF. The only way to actually save those chapters into the file would be to save again from the main save function in the UI.

FYI you don't have to QSF a DVD before opening it. We added that step, and made it default, because some DVD recorders had bad muxing and it's just a quick way to eliminate errors. If your DVDs don't have that issue then you can just uncheck the QSF option and open the DVD directly in the UI skipping the QSF step.

Also keep in mind that VideoReDo is NOT a good tool for processing commercial DVDs. Commercial DVDs have many features that VideoReDo doesn't support. They use weird navigation tricks to combine the main movie with extended scenes and special features, they used forced subtitles when someone is speaking another language and they will sometimes use weird navigation tricks as a sort of low tech copy protection scheme. VideoReDo's DVD functionality was designed for importing video from home DVD recorders, which most people don't even use any more, it is not robust enough to deal with decrypted commercial DVDs. Something like Handbrake or MakeMKV works way better for that purpose.


Thanks Dan...that is great info. Been using VRD since v4 and there is still so much I've never noticed or ignored (Like the check box for Auto QSF). Just always assumed VRD defaulted to QSF for the files because it was necessary.
Nice...the AQSF toggle seems to stay off once unchecked.
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