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I use VRD for putting home video clips onto DVDs. I need more than the current limit of 12 and an increase to 18 would be about right.

I have edited the 4x3 template to hold up to 18 titles and it seems to fit OK with up to two lines per title so space isn't a problem.

The "Customise DVD Menu" screen could keep the current editing limit of 12 titles since the "DVD Title list editing" screen can be used for title editing (and already has room for at least 18 titles).

Can I make a plea for some sort of a workaround to relax the current 12 title max limit as otherwise I will have to switch to Nero or similar! :rolleyes:


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Template Editing

I had a go at this yesterday creating 5 row 3 column with reasonable success. The process is pretty easy. it's button size and position accuracy that's the problem for me(using drag and sizing with mouse not too easy to align rows/columns).
if position and size shown on the edit template screen was accessible and editable instead of greyed out, I think it would solve most issues. not being a programmer, I do not know how easy this would be.
I Just Love this programme, I have Videostudio X2 also, but much prefer using Videoredo.


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They are.

Select a box.

Use the arrows.

No modifiers - move the box UDLR 1 pixel.

+Shift - move 5 pixels.

Ctrl+UDLR - increase/decrease width/height

+Shift - increase/decrease width/height 5 pixels.


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Just wondering if there has been any movement on this issue in the last six years: I've checked most of the update logs and my up-to-date (I think) version still throws out the 'More than 12 title' warning.


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No movement on this. And isn't a high priority on our development list.


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It's a limitation of the overall design and would require a pretty major change to increase. Given that DVD creation has fallen off significantly in recent years I'm not sure it's worth the effort.
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