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No way to sugar coat this one, the "buttons" when creating a DVD menu aren't pretty.
The ability to add a background image is great but the circles around the titles take away from any work you might put into creating a nice background.

Underlining the text/title is one option that would help the appearance but another that would really help would be a simple dot next to the text to signify which title is currently selected.
And, to go one step further, add the ability to allow the user who is familiar with 3rd-party photo editing programs to add the text to the picture itself. Then, in VRD's "Edit Template" option, the user would place the #1/#2/#3 etc. dot next to the corresponding text. This would open up a lot of flexibility in my opinion. Not only flexibility in nicer looking text, but it would help avoid the 'overlapping buttons' warning.

Here's a silly example that I did in 5 minutes but hopefully you can understand how much better the menus could look if the user put serious time into creating an image for a background.

(I placed the dot next to the first title to represent what I mean)

If the option to simply use a dot was implemented there's no reason why someone with the ability and time couldn't make a menu that looks like this with VideoReDo

Just a suggestion :)


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Good suggestions, we will discuss it. Our DVD authoring philosophy was to make the process as simple and straightfoward as possible. Just a few mouse clicks from editing to a DVD.

There are lots of excellent DVD authoring programs that let you create extremely customized menus, but they often hard to use for the novice users and can be time consuming even for the sophisticated user. So its a constant balancing act.


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That's cool, I understand.

Even if you folks decide to not run with 'use your own text' idea at least keep in mind the idea of underlining VRD's text or a dot next to VRD's text,
or any way you guys can think of to enhance the look of highlighting a selected title. (Changing the color of highlighted text?)
It would be greatly appreciated. :cool:

btw, I realize that I might sound like I'm nitpicking. I don't mean to.
You have such a great program and it's really a pleasure to use.
If a menu button is the only thing I can find that could be improved then I know I already made the right choice in purchasing your program. Every single other program I demoed had sync issues... I'm grateful those days are behind me.
Keep up the great work!


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In a similar vein, after working on a TiVo-style menu, I found I needed to use the smallest character I could find (a period) before a bunch of spaces; I was trying to left-align text with a line on the menu, but have the rest of the button continue off the left edge of the screen. If I didn't use a non-space character as the first character, the spaces didn't count and the text would start all the way at the left.

Same thing when I later made a menu with part of the title incorporated into the background; I wanted a large "button" that would surround the whole title, but I wanted the episode title at the bottom of the button, and I had to use a period again in the top row before I could enter all the blank lines to get the text to the bottom.

So ultimately what I'm asking for is the ability to allow blank space, whether space characters or empty lines/paragraphs, to take up the space that they should, without needing a non-blank character at the beginning. I don't know if that's a complicated or easy thing to change. If it's easy, please fix! If it's complicated, I'll understand not changing it. Farside's suggestion would also work in some cases for the fancy things that I want to do.


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561 release notes said:
3) DVD menu templates: For those who didn't like the "outline box" for the currently selected title, we've added a few more, hopefully subtle, options. The types of highlights are hard coded, but you can tweak the color selections.
Wow, thanks fellas!
New Menu Buttons

The new options will definitely look better when using a captured frame as a background image for the menu. It was difficult to continually edit the templates to match the size of the outline box to equal the length of the text for every project.
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