Dvd.mpg to x264.mp4 "Ultrafast" using 94% of 16core/32thread 3950x cpu and 2200 fps...why?


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From what I've read... "x264 does not use more then 8? cores". Well apparently it uses lot more then that.

I was playing with "titles and transition" and so trying to process the file as fast as possible with "UltraFast" to see the results and was very surprised to see over 90% cpu use.

I guess that the more "file" you can cram into the cpu the more cores it will use because high def/high bitrate files will also use a lot of cores.

EDIT... I have never seen anything on WHY/HOW x264 divides up the encoding to each core/thread.
So that a light load uses only 8 cores while 4K@50Mbps or dvd.mpg at ultrafast_Preset uses almost all of a16core/32thread cpu.
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