Editing sound from VRD output?


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Before I go over to vcdhelp and start downloading tools, I will ask here first. Maybe someone already knows and can save me a lot of trouble :roll:

I want to do some simple sound editing on the clips I cut with VRD - just adjust volume and fade in-out. The clips will be cut from commercial DVD's. So that means that some will be 2 channel, some 5.1 Dolby pro etc. But all will be AC3. Well, I think all will be AC3 because I guess that VRD keeps them in AC3 when outputing. I could either edit the simple, demuxed stream or the complete .mpg program stream (preferred). I could also edit each clip seperatly before using VRD joiner or edit the final joined compelation. If I have to use the demuxed sound stream, I will need a way to remux afterwards.

So, does anyone know of a cheap or free audio editing tool that will work along with the outputs from VRD? What about a simple remux tool?

Thanks in advance :D


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Well, I think all will be AC3 because I guess that VRD keeps them in AC3 when outputing.
Yes it does.

I don't know of any tool that can directly edit AC3 audio. Most audio editors work with WAV files or if they deal with compressed audio decompress them to LPCM for editing and then perhaps re-compress them on output.

If you do find a tool, please let us all know.


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Before you start looking for a free audio editing tool to edit AC3 2 channel and DD 5.1, what will you use to author the DVD?

The authoring program may balk at the disparate audio formats you are trying to throw on the same DVD and try to reencode everything to a similar format anyway.

I thought only the very high end program could author DVDs with 5.1. Do you know of a free, or sub $100, or sub $500 DVD authoring program that will do this?


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Actually I have not thought about authoring yet. I am just trying to get the editited clips in a good playable stage for playback on the PC. But I THINK the 5.1 or 2 channel etc is all encoded within the AC3 stream. Whatever AC3 stream you have to start with - that you drag into the authoring software along with the video clip will just get output to the burned DVD.

Now something like starting with just 2 channel stereo from a DV video source and turning it into 5.1pro is probably what you mean. I have no idea about that. I have seen some mention of it in the tools listed at sites like vcdhelp or doom9. I know they exist but I never looked at the prices.

I really only want 2 channel stereo from my compilations anyway. But like I said, if the origional materal has 5.1 encoding I think it should carry through after just cutting-n-pasting the source mpeg2 stream (video and sound) using VRD. Which throws a further complication into the ability to edit the sound - control over the volume and 'placement' of all 5 channels. I get a headache just imagining doing that. I just want to fade in-out and adjust the volume for 'all' the channels at once. Either just 2 channel stereo or 5.1.

As far as editing the sound, I do see several free AC3-wav and wav-AC3 converters. I can convert to .wav, edit, then convert back to AC3 and remux the audio/video back to .mpg. But I am really hoping to avoid that. The sync MIGHT be a big problem doing that way.


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The program you want to adjust AC3 volume is HeadAC3he. Its the "boost" control.
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