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Is there some option I need to enable in VRD6 to edit a video file that contains no audio stream? I have a file taken from NVR footage that I cannot get to open with VRD6. It is a ~ 5hr 2522 x 1944 .h265 (MediaInfo reports codec as hev1) in an .avi container. When trying to open it with VRD6 it hangs (banner has "Not Responding" message), but never crashes and no error pops up.

I posted about this type of issue before with VRD5 and a build fixed it. However, that was on an older DVR system that used .h264. I can open this .h265 file in question in VRD5, but it forces a recode for the video, turning my 8.7GB file into 36GB in 10 hrs.

Now, if I attempt to open a much shorter .h265 file (10 min) in VRD6, it takes a bit, but will open. It gives me an error if I try to do a QSF (says unable to open file), but I can save the video without edits in a reasonable time, so there's that issue too. Still not sure why the longer file will not open though. I do know that there is some sort of issue with the file as it is 5hrs long but Win7 sees it as 40 min.


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My understanding is that VRD would create a "Silent audio" stream for a video only file.
That maybe H.264 Only, not sure.

Did the recoded file have an audio stream? if so extract that and mux it into your original file.

And if you are recoding something to create an audio component encode the video at the lowest bitrate/fastest options possible.
You only care about the audio segment quality that you are going to extract.


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Can you email us at support? We'll likely need a sample to figure out why this isn't functioning as expected.


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I wanted to update that VRD support has been responsive to this and it has been solved in an a new beta. I can let Dan comment on the particulars, but it looks like larger .avi files (> 2 GB?) use an unsupported format that was causing issues with VRD.

In case anyone else has these issues, open VRD without loading the file and run a QSF on the file. Once that is complete, the new file can be edited. I found that saving as a .ts gave me some odd graphics glitches at the end of the file when playing back with VLC, but was fine elsewhere. However saving as an .mp4 had no issues.
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