Encoding with Handbrake? Read this. [Get MediaInfo]

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This is getting to be a regular problem, so it's probably worth a sticky -

A lot of Handbrake generated files have variable frame rates.
VideoReDo can not handle variable frame rate video.
You can check to see if this is your problem by looking at the source MP4 file in MediaInfo.
If it says the frame rate is variable then you will not be able to edit it in VRD.

I said frame rate, not bitrate.
There is a free program called MediaInfo.
Install it, then open one of the problem file in it.
Switch to Text view and then look for the video info.
Does it have the frame rate listed as variable or constant?

Actually why don't you copy and paste the info here.
It might give us some insight as to what's wrong.

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Mediainfo ((it's free)):
download page:
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