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I am getting the following error after installing the latest version 598;


Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong version. File "MPEGEncoder.dll", error 5

The error occurs when the install is complete and VRD opens for the first time. I tried installing in a new folder separate from v596. v596 re-installs without issue. AVG reports a problem and I tell it to ignore the issue but that does not stop the error.

Update: I copied the MPEGEncoder.dll from 596 into 598 and it now opens without an error. I know it is an AVG thing but what is the difference between the dlls?
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There prolly is no difference between the dll files. Because a the new dll file is installed with each VRD build, a new file ID is assigned to it. Even though the dll is in AVG's Exceptions list, AVG complains because it's a new file. The file in the list is pointing to the old file ID.

This will keep repeating for every new VRD upgrade/installation until AVG updates their virus detection database.

ADDED: Here is a thread on AVG's forum on how to Report False Positives. If enough of us do this, we may get AVG to resolve the issue sooner than later.

Update: I uploaded MPEGEncoderDLL.dll to the Jotti site as suggested by AVG, of the 20 scanners used, AVG was the only one to flag it as a virus ==> HERE!!

Update 2: I've sent the email to AVG as requested with the dll file attached. If I get a response, I post here.

Update 3:I got this response:
AVG Customer Service said:
Let us inform you that we have not been able to induce the reported
detection neither with the "271.1.1/2764" nor "271.1.1/2765" version
of the AVG Virus Database.

Please update your AVG and verify if the detection persists.
Well, I can't test it any longer as I converted to MSE (as recommended by Dan203 in another thread).
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Permanent fix for this:

Double click on the AVG icon in system tray
Double click 'Resident Shield'
Click 'Manage exceptions'
Click 'Add path'
Select the path to VRD (C:\Program Files\VideoReDoTVSuite4)
Click 'OK'

Sorted! :)


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Berkie said:
although the real problem (false positive) isn't solved by AVG ...
Then take a moment and report the false positive to AVG. Use the link I provided above.
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