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firstly thank you very much for implementing the ability to select audio streams and apply them to buttons - a feature I requested and you implemented, saving me alot of fiddle time :)

I have another request which would save time also:
Is it possible to allow a simple text file export of the cut point timecodes once you are in preview mode?
I simply need a list in the HH:MM:SS format of the final edits (i.e the timecodes shown on the timeline at each cut point when in 'P' mode)
That would allow me to very quickly find those points and deal with the audio which I have to do externally when combining AudioDescription audio with the original soundtrack.

I'd be lost without VideoRedo, keep up the good work! (y)

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In TVSuite, go to Tools>Options>Chapters and mark only "Cut points" and set the desired time code format. Then from the main screen's file menu click on File > Save chapter file. That should so what you want.
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