Extracting Australian captions from .wtv and .dvr-ms


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I've made a small & crude program to guide in extracting captions from .wtv and .dvr-ms files recorded in Australia.

It's written in REXX, but i've encapsulated it into an .exe linked with the interpreter to save people the trouble of installing yet another program.

I hope this is of use to some people here.

It is too large to attach directly.

Version 1.1 (26th Sep '11 07:35 UTC)


- Fix mistake in verbose output.
- Close window automatically in unattended mode.
- Include way to extract source.


- Support quotation marks in file paths.
- Drag & drop path bug fixed.
- Sync delay adjustment option.
- Tweak verbose output.
- Window does not automatically close.
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There is also a brand new program, tSubGet, capable of reading Australian captions from .dvr-ms files.


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I've posted tSubGet to Sourceforge, and it should now be working ok. I had to make my own directshow filter so that it would work (NullGrabber.dll), which is pretty much just a null renderer that passes the samples to my program so that it can be processed.

Although I tried to use the sample grabber provided by default, for some reason it would not work with teletext streams. Just note that I had to program the filter in C++ but I really don't know C++ (I was pretty much basing everything off the sample codes for the sample grabber and dump filters) - use at your own risk. ;)

Since I don't particularly trust my program to work correctly, I also created a utility called streamDump, which is a very simple command-line utility to extract a particular stream. More importantly, it can dump the timecodes (in 100ns units) for each sample, if necessary, which may make it easier for other programs to process the data.

For reference, if using streamDump, you have to know the GUID of the 'major type' for the stream which you want to extract. Common types are MEDIATYPE_MSTVCaption, in addition to those listed here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa924843.aspx.

If you dump a stream with timecodes, the format is as such:

Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tsubget/
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