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I have used VRD off & on over the years to edit TV shows, but recently obtained a VHS-to-DVD recorder and I'm pleased that (as I expected) VRD imports the recorder's VIDEO_TS digitized video just fine.

The vid quality is frankly atrocious given it began life as 8mm movie film, and then was transferred probably by a drugstore or some such to VHS tape.

I'm finding that as I use VRD to browse these ancient family movies, I would like to be able to easily do some things other than just trimmiing, things like

- duplicate frames in places where panning was too fast
- adjust brightness/contrast/color/tint/saturation
- just plain freeze on a frame, maybe fade-out/fade-back-in

The bad news about old home movies is that they have no sound. But that means that frame manipulation could be done without regard for sync.

I have dabbled in Avisynth and know most of what I want to do can be done, if I want to pursue a Master's Degree in Avisynth, that is. What would be great though is to have a video editor with some of these "Photoshop" type features.

I know this is not much of a market but thought I'd put this out there anyway. Or if anyone knows of an editor that is more suited to what I'm doing by all means tell. I still will keep buying VRD cuz I love it...!


There are loads of video editors on the market. I used to use Avid, but there seems no free version now, and Adobe Première Elements is quite inexpensive, but read up about licencing etc first. Or take a look at some free things like Lightworks.


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Since posting I have found that free AviDemux has a lot of easy-to-use features and also will utilize Avisynth scripts.

I might go for that Master's degree in Avisynth yet...


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- adjust brightness/contrast/color/tint/saturation
- maybe fade-out/fade-back-in
We've discussed both of these internally. Color adjustments would require a full recode, so I'm not sure how popular those would be, but they're relatively easy to do. Fades are a bit more difficult as we'd need to integrate them into the smart editor.

These are both things that likely won't happen until the next major release.

Edit: As for freezing a frame.... you could use the title editor for that. It accepts pastes of copied frames from the main UI. (i.e. copy to clip board in main UI and then paste into title editor) Or you can export to file an import.
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