Files with transitions could not be viewed with QuickTime Player on macOS


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If I use transitions and save the file as mp4 it cannot be viewed with the QuickTime Player on macOS Monterey.
As soon as the playback starts in the QuickTime Player, the picture stops, but the sound continues. If I select any point in the video and start playback again, the sound continues without any problems, but the picture is not displayed.

A playback with VLC on macOS & Windows 10 runs without problems.


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The way VideoReDo works is it recodes frames, including transitions, around the cut point. It tries to match the original encoding but due to the limitations of the encoder it can't always match everything exactly. Some players, like QuickTime, can't handle the transition from the encoding of the recoded portion and the encoding of the original.

The only option you have if you really want to view these in QT is to force a full recode. That way all the video will be encoded exactly the same.
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