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I would love to be able to just press and hold the frame advance/rewind buttons so they will automatically continue in the direction you want to go. It really would help when you are finding in and out frames. Now I continuously click on the "1" frame buttons to get where I need to go.

Thanks for a great and fun product.
I call it my "Hallmark Channel Sanitizer" ;<)

Have a blessed commercial free New Year!

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The right and left arrow keys on the keyboard will go reverse and forward as you described.
They auto-repeat.
Well having used those buttons (and the keyboard with auto-repeat) on slow computers or when editing source material residing elsewhere on my LAN, you can too easily overshoot your mark.

What I would suggest is to set the screen advance buttons to 10, 30, 120 seconds.
from the drop-down menu: Tools | Options | Navigation
In other words, replace the 0 (zero) in the first button with 10...

I look for commercials by repeatedly pressing the 1/2 or 2 minute button.
You need a slight pause to see where you are, then press it again. *
Once I get close, I use the other buttons as well as the keyboard to zero in on the frame for my cut.
Takes less time to do it than to tell about it.

Give a try and see what you think.

*I contend that jumping to a frame, then letting it register on your brain, is less confusing and much easier/faster, than dragging that green ball across the screen, watching the video run forward/reverse in what seems like random frames.
However, all options are available, so use the one you like best.
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The navigation buttons on the screen will auto-repeat if you hold them down.


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They're also proportional. The longer you hold them down, the faster they repeat.
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