FYI, USB Ext. SSD Enclosures, $10 level, report to W10 as HDDs not SSDs.


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Was rebuilding my Steam games on Ext. SSD enclosures that I bought...$10-$15 level cases.

I happened to notice in W10 Storage-Optimize that they were shown as HDDs not SSDs.
If I told W10 to optimize them it went into HDD defrag mode, which I stopped of course.

So taking a closer look at my enclosures they do list UASP but both my cheap ones show to W10 as TRIM.

On Amazon I only found TRIM listed on the enclosures that cost 2 to 3 times as much...$24 for what I bought.
None of the "less costly" enclosures listed TRIM at all. Maybe they all report as a HDD?
"Cable Matters Premium Aluminum 10Gbps Gen 2 USB C Hard Drive Enclosure for 2.5" SSD/HDD with USB-C/USB-A Cables and Micro USB Cable" (with UASP, TRIM and S.M.A.R.T support)

My new ones (the above SSD Enclosure) report as a SSD and has TRIM Yay!

Thankfully I keep W10 "Optimize Drives" turned off or otherwise my poor Ext. SSDs would have probably been beat to death by W10 defraging.

Just something to watch out for If you have your SSD in a budget Ext. enclosure with W10.
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