FYI, W10 "optimise" fixed my SSD file delays...


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I've been noticing a text message in the file pane when I click on a folder...
"processing" or something. Takes several seconds before I see the files.

Reading up on W10 and SSDs as I understand it now, W10 "trims" the SSD.
As I remember it, SSDs "trim" themselves. An internal SSD function.

BUT, when I told W10 to "optimize" my 2TB sata SSD it did something for 3-5 seconds.
And now I no longer get the "message" and several second delay before the files show up!

It had been 250 days according to W10.
So looks like my memory was wrong and SSDs do not "trim" themselves internally, automatically.

Just glad the "message" and file delay is basically gone.

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