Getting started with VideoReDo TVSuite V4 with H.264

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Welcome to VideoReDo TVSuite V4 with H.264 support. We are pleased to announce our new version that adds H.264, and much more, to VideoReDo's traditional frame accurate video editing. Technically the product is in pre-release which means that some aspects, especially the help file and a few program features are not yet completed. However the fundamentals of product are working well, and we are making this version available to everyone.

The basics:

TVSuite V4 is a new version and if you are a registered user of VideoReDo Plus or TVSuite V3, you are eligible for an upgrade. As with all VideoReDo products, we offer a fully functional 15 day trial. Simply download V4, install it into its own folder, and go. If you want to remove the 15 minute limitation request a trial key either from help menu or the pop-up screen. Quite a few of the program settings have changed from the prior versions, so your settings will not be copied with the installation.

Download TVSuite V4 with H.264

Change log and release notes.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of TVSuite or Plus, we have special discounted pricing during the pre-release period. When you install TVSuite V4, an upgrade utility will search for your existing registration and if found present you with an upgrade purchase option and a registration tool. If you've switched systems and haven't yet registered your old version, simply run the VRDUpgradeWizard.exe utility that's in the installation folder and it will lead you through the upgrade steps. And, if you've misplaced your old key, simply email us at support @ and we can look up your existing registration information. If you've changed your email address, let us know the original one used when you purchased.

For new users, you can purchase a registration by clicking on the menu Help>Purchase VideoReDo or directly from our website.

What's new in Version 4 with H.264:

This version is designed to seamlessly handle both MPEG2 and H.264 encoded files. H.264 is also called AVC and AVCHD. Technically, we support the following H.264 formats:

Input formats:

  • Transport streams with H.264/AVC video with the following audio codecs: MPEG Layer 2, AC-3, AAC and AAC-HE.
  • MP4 formatted files with H.264/AVC video with AAC and AAC-HE audio. This includes Apple MOV files, and some camera formats.
  • Video dimensions up to 1920x1080p at chroma 4:2:0.
  • WTV streams from Windows 7 Media Center.
  • All the traditional MPEG2 formats supported in earlier versions.
Output formats:

  • MPEG2, program, transport and dvr-ms streams with MPEG and AC-3 audio.
  • H.264 transport streams with MPEG Layer 2 and AAC audio. AC3 and AAC-HE audio is supported if they are present in the source file.
  • H.264 .MP4 files with MPEG Layer 2 and AAC audio. AAC-HE audio is suported if present in the source file.
  • WMV/VC1 output.
  • MPEG-4 Part 2 .mp4 files.
  • Elementary streams.
  • NTSC closed captioning and DVB subtitling, if present in the source, is preseved in the output file.
Smart editing:

  • If source and destination formats have identical formats, dimensions and bit rates, TVSuite V4 will automatically invoke its smart editing feature and not recode your source video except for a few frames at cut points. This is the traditional behavior you expected from VideoReDo in the past.
Output Profiles:

  • The output format is determined by a list of file types, called profiles, in the file save box. The product comes with quite a few profiles which can serve as a starting point. You can create your own profiles, exchange profiles with other users using the import and export mechanism. There will be more on profiles in a separate post.
VideoReDo Plus and TVSuite V3:

  • We will continue to develop and support both Plus and TVSuite V3. So if MPEG2 editing is all you need, and you don't want the profile support you can feel confident with either of these versions. There will be new releases soon of each of these products to bring their internal code-base inline with TVSuite V4.
What's missing in the pre-release version:

  • Documentation. The help files are not yet completed.
  • WTV support: WTV output from TVSuite does not always play on Media Extenders.
  • Program preview for H.264 files.
  • TWOS audio codec - as used by some cameras.
  • EAC3 audio codec.
  • Creating DVDs directly from H.264 files. For now, you can recode to MPEG2 and then create a DVD.
  • AVCHD discs.
  • AC3 in MP4 files. MP4 with AC3 audio can be output, but TVSuite is not yet able to edit them.
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