Green screens or pixelation at cut points


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I'm using the latest version of VRD5 and this problem only occurs on a few channels, noticeably ITV1 HD.

At every cut scene, even where VRD does a smart recode, after a second or two there are either green pixelations across the screen or 2/3 frames of bright green green.jpg.

A full forced recode does remove them, but of course takes much much longer.

BBC2 HD also used to have this problem, but seems ok now.

I'm capturing DVB-S/2 from a TBS6982 PCIE card on one PC, and a Hauppauge WinTV Nova S2-HD on another PC.

The pixelation doesn't seem to be present in the original ts files, but happens when I encode using VidCoder (a handbrake frontend) to mp4. If the problem lay with Vidcoder then surely there would be no difference between a smart recode and a forced recode.
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Cutting with the smart encoder can vary quite a bit depending on the characteristics of the source stream, especially if there are IDR vs. I Frames in the source. Typically ITV1 doesn't have any IDR frames, but all Handbrake encodes that I've seen do have them.

Can you upload a small source that causes this problem? We can then try to replicate and figure out what's going on.

Don't forget to send the email, as that triggers us to inspect the files.
Green Pixelations at cut points

I also have this problem but only on ITV HD. It occurs whenever I remove the adverts immediately after the break but again only when I use Handbrake to transcode to MKV and not VRD. The main reason I use Handbrake is it halves the size of the video for similar quality but if it's really bad I will transcode to MKV in VRD. It only happens very briefly but is still annoying. I assumed it was to do with the way Handbrake processes the video as opposed to VRD. I only edit H.264 with AC3 audio M2TS and use joiner if having to edit audio separately and then Handbrake to MKV. On BBC1, 2 and 4 not an issue. Tried to attached the effect but won't let me as it's an MKV file so added 5 frames in jpg from 1 to 5.


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The main reason I use Handbrake is it halves the size of the video for similar quality
Why don't you set TVSuite to use similar parameters and do it all in VideoReDo?
Green Pixelations at cut points

I thought you would say that Dan. I have tried and I would if the parameters were exactly like for like but they're not. I've attached the settings with Handbrake and my VRD similar settings. I'd be happy to just use VRD as I've been using it since 2004 and will continue using such a brilliant program but I need to keep the file sizes at a minimum due to storage space. Thanks David.


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