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Paul Webster

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Here is a suggestion to help save time when saving videos.

How about comparing the start of the proposed file name with the folder name of recent saves .. and then offering a matched one rather than (but configurable) the last saved to destination?

When I trim / ad-remove recorded TV series I save the resulting video to a folder something like \\storage\tv\The Series Name\
with results something like this
\\storage2\tv\The Sky at Night\The Sky at Night-Pick of the Year-20210120.ts

So for each one I usually have to ignore the offered save location, click on Select File, then wait for the redisplay, then click on Recent, the browse down the list.
If the application made some guesses it could work it out by going back through the file name to try to match a folder from the recent list - allowing for dividers such as - and _ to help predict which is the real programme name to check against folder names.
e.g. the original file name for one of the above would have been something like:
so working backward would result in the application checking for
Spiral-S08E06-2021012100 (does not exist in recent folders)
Spiral-S08E06 (does not exist in recent folders)
Spiral (does exist in recent folders)

and a film ...
Star Wars Episode IV (1977)-202012251500.ts
would not match anything so application would revert to existing mechanism and offer last save to as default.

Paul Webster

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Could also guess the file name for joined files
For example - a broadcast film that is split into 2 by the broadcaster so that they can play more adverts by putting in a very short entertainment news programme in the middle)
Feature Film (2006)-202002031900.ts
Feature Film (2006)-202002032020.ts
When I edit and join then the chances are that I will call the resulting file
Feature Film (2006).ts
Feature Film (2006)-202002031900.ts
So more keystrokes saved if Videoredo guessed the output file name rather than take the name of the first file in the join (or whatever it does).

Even if it offered
Feature Film (2006)-20200203.ts
that would save some fiddling around ... but would be better if a divider could be specified (- and _ being the obvious defaults) ... and working backwards through the file names to first divider found would handle people who replace space with _
as in

There could be issues - for example if I had
A Long File.mpeg
A Short file.mpeg
and I wanted to join them together then

A.mpeg is probably not the file name that I would want to use ... but since I can override the file name then it does not really matter.
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