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hi George, thanks for the feedback. no need for you to dig into this, i've already found and hopefully solved the problem. i've totally rewritten the relevant code last weekend, looks good so far, only need to find the time to entirely test it with all possible combinations like eg split at scene markers while still using the current cuts in the movie ;) but nontheless feel free to pm me your results, of course i'm interested in what you've found :) an update here might still take some time as i totally want to get rid of the temporary project file that i'm using now. Dan has implemented some awesome COM functions (again: THANKS, DAN!!!) upon my request which allow me to do everything without a temp file and most stuff will be done in the current window (not on a separate vrd instance), and for this i need to rewrite a couple more things. besides i want to introduce some minor functions like make the movie or thumbnail window moveable upon the click of a button.

btw: the whole stuff has become too complicated with the many combinations of what you can do, so the new version will only work in cut mode, not anymore in scene mode. i hope that's not a problem for anyone, although if it is - i'm curious - hands up please :)
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