Harrys Tools 2 - Output Split Files Larger than VRD's


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I appreciate that VRDTools (aka Harry's Tools 2) is freeware and unsupported, but I thought that it might be worth bringing up this subject, since others may be affected by it too.

I've noticed that when I use "Split to Multiple Files" in VRDTools, each of the output files that are generated are 1 frame longer than if I isolate each scene in VRD and use "Save As" manually. It appears that frame on which the End Cut edit marker is placed is included in the file by VRDTools, whereas VRD excludes it.

This affects me because I use Nero Vision 4, which has "issues" with files that end with certain types of frame sequences. That's another story in itself, but suffice to say that by picking the cut points carefully in VRD, it's possible to avoid Nero Vision's tendency to recode files. I've found that if I use VRDTools, however, files that I expected to be fine are recoded by NV4. I can avoid this by making the cut points 1 frame earlier, but then I need to keep making 1 frame adjustments back and forth, according to whether I'm using VRD or VRDTools.

Has anyone else observed this behaviour?

Any clues as to whether it's a bug in Harry's (freely supplied and otherwise excellent) code, or is it a bug in the COM interface?

Any comments?
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