Harry's Tools and version 2.5


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I have some files that I was wanting to run the adscanner or to automatically split into segments and then save as individual files.

From reading the forums, it sounds as though Harry's Tools should be able to do this for me. I downloaded the latest HT I could find and ran the adscan through it to create the project file.

However, when I then choose to save individual files through HT, VideoReDo gives and error regarding the project file.

Is HT compatible with the newer versions of VideoReDo? The readme says it's for V2.01

If not, is there any other way this can be done easily?

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I am using VRD V2.5.4.507 and Harry's Tools 2.501

I go into HT and select Project Batch, Adscan
Once that is complete I then select Save, Split to Multiple Files
I give it the filename of test##

When I select save, I get an Error Opening File message.
When I OK that, I get an error: There are no cuts

Is anyone able to assist?
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