HD issues with TF7700HDPVR


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I can not process files, recorded in HD format from my Topfield 7700HDPVR with error message
"Unable to open: <filename.rec>
Video program stream not found"

I need to convert video to 720p DVD format and burn it.
What I am doing wrong?

Files are not corrupt, I can copy them from disk to stick or visa/versa and play them.

There are no problems processing files, recorded from this receiver in SD format.

I have uploded small HD sample clip to Your ftp server in folder "TF7700HDPVR"

Version VideoReDo:
OS: Windows XP
Option "Ignore transport stream maps" is set.
All other options are default.

Receiver Topfield TF7700HDPVR
System: 23231
Hardware: V2.0.14
Software: TF-HSCD 7.00.26 (latest)

Please help!


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Yes, I think, possibly.
If this format can be read from VideoReDo, what is wrong in my settings?
If this format can not be processed jet, please tell me, in what version of VideoReDo is support of this format planed.

Update: have found 'they are still working on it'.
Also, I will wait for solution in next release of VRD.
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How to play *.mpg on Topfield TF7700HDPVR?

I have another problem with my Topfield TF7700HDPVR:

The files (*.rec) recorded on harddisk connected to Topfield can be without
problems converted (in computer) into *.mpg by using of VideoReDo software.

But I need to play files *.mpg on my Topfield:

I can convert file *.mpg into *.rec, copy to harddisk, connect to Topfiled.
But the file *.rec cannot be played.
According to me - Topfield needs some other supporting files to *.rec
i.e.: *.add, *.idx, *.ifo

Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem?


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I've been wondering about playback of processed recordings as well.

An AVI file is not an option either, as MPEG-2 is not supported by that container.

Strange isn't it that the TopField neither supports MPG, nor M2T


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Any joy yet?

I have the same satellite reciever and the same software.

I only brought this so I could convert my satellite recordings to MPEG.

Also I have found that the VideoRedo software coverts a 1.4 GB file into 333 Mb and the quality is $h!t! Also, the aspect ratio when watching on the receiver is 16:8, video redo converts it into some funy one with black bars at he SIDES! Have you had this issue?


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Where are you viewing the file after editing?

Does the original video play back OK if you load the file into VideoReDo?

Does the edited video play back OK if you load the file into VideoReDo?

VideoReDo does not reencode your video except for a few frames around cut points.

TVSuite only reencodes when authoring to a DVD.

Are you a trial or registered user?
If you are a trial user, do you have a free trial key installed? Help>Request Trial Key
Output is limited to 15 minutes without a free trial key installed.
If you install a free trial key you can have full functionality (including the 15 minute output restriction removed) for the 15 day trial period.


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Thanks for replying.

I have the full licence key - I haven't yet tried playing back the file using TVSuite.

My main concern in that a 1.4GB file has been turned into a 333Mb file, however I'll confirm this tonight.
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