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I am working with a file that was a TV program with commercials edited out. Some of the edits are very abrupt, while others are smooth. When I use a video player the sound on this file is slightly off, and in some of the rougher commercial cuts there is a very short sound, probably from a commercial. I feel kind of like the sound being slightly off made these cuts happen with an abrupt sound because the sound was off in the editing software. So I decided to use VRD to sync the sound and get rid of the offending sound frames.

When I play the file with VRD, though, the sound is perfectly synced, which means I can't sync the file in a way that accurately has it playing in the media player(s). As for the abrupt commercial sounds, I can't remove them no matter how many frames on either side of the cut I delete (obviously I could if I remove lots of frames, but based on where the sound is happening, there should be no sound when I remove these half a dozen frames or so. Also, I can't even see the sound on the audio frames, which is really unusual). I have experienced some sounds like this sometimes when I edit with VRD and play the portion on preview mode but on the actual edited file the sound is always gone. But when I went ahead and cut these frames and played the new file, the sounds are still there. This is a first for me.

This seems similar to a problem I've encountered before where I've edited a file that may have some sound sync issues, and some players play the file that I've edited exactly synced, and others do not. When VRD gets involved, if the file's audio syncs to that program, I don't know how to fix the audio. So unless the player I'm using (I use different ones) has a sync feature, I can't play the file with perfect audio sync.

Any ideas? 99% of all video files I play will sync correctly no matter what player I use. There are one or two files that just won't sync with every player no matter what I have tried. But I don't know if my abrupt sound issue is part of this problem or not.


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Are you using v6? If so try enabling transitions. This will fade in both the video and audio so that there isn't a harsh blip.
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