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I use TV Suite v5 to edit AVC/x264 and MPEG2 video files and would love to see support added for the new HEVC/x265 standard. Am starting to encode in this format due to amazing compression to save space and would love to be able to have the ability to edit these when needed. Thanks.


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Yes, HEVC support is on the roadmap, hopefully in 2016.
Heh, I hope that is also Export and not just Import.
Looking forward to finally trying HEVC.

Have you tested that at all. Was wondering just how much smaller vs H264.MP4s (same Quality).

Oh, just experimented quickly with ffmpeg and H265...
32 bit 3.88fps
64 bit 5.54fps.......Same command line.

But it all only used 30+ % of my 6Core/6HT cpu.
There must be a command line option I need to change.

If I could triple the fps... 16 to 17 fps it would be doable!!
3 times as long as H264.MP4

Dvd MPG to H265 HEVC (375 kbps) 3.88 fps. 17MB to 3 MB

Half the size of the H264.MP4 (1.2 Mbps) file (6 MB)
and 10 times as long. (ouch). I get about 55 fps with H264.MP4

At least I can not see any difference in the quality!

I have ffmpeg with VRD and Audacity... had not realize these
were limited versions of ffmpeg and had to download the whole package.

No wonder I was confused with what other people were doing with ffmpeg
that I could not get to work here... now it does!

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