Hint: If TVSuite V5 gets very slow at update Win7/8.1 to 10



I updated a Notebook from Windows 8.1 to 10

After that TVSuite looks like it did crash and restart every time I added a TS-file with MPG2 data. If TVSuite was on 1st place in the taskbar and I added a file it don´t react for maybye 7-10 seconds (could also depend on hardware) and gets in last place of the Taskbar.

Adding a H.264-file to TVSuite was much faster despite the bigger filesize.

The problem was that Microsoft delivers W10 without a MPG-codec. I installed it manually and after that the problem was gone.

Not easy to find IMHO because PowerDVD and VLC works fine on same Notebook also before I installed the Codec.
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