How did I get the version I'm running?


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OK, I'm confused. I ran VideoReDo just now, I got the 'Upgrade available' message and I looked at the new version number:

I then look at my current version and it says: Nov 16 2006.

Some questions:
  • Both installers were downloaded from the official site.
  • How did I get hold of a version that's later than the latest release?
  • Which one should I be using?


Hi Chips,

Here's what happened. You can stick with 501. There have been two minor releases since 500, 501 and 507. They were primarily released for security purposes and to better detect Vista installations. If we had posted them under their "official" names then all our users would have received upgrade messages, would have downloaded a copy and then wondered what the fuss was all about since there aren't any benefits for existing users.

You just happened to catch us during the few minute interval when we were uploading the new version and renaming files.

Regards.. Dan
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