How do I Mask Video Content?


I use Videoredo for chopping up video on a few levels. I use it to remove commercials, removing objectional video content (as if commercials are not bad enough), and even snipping out bad language. The final can be a bit difficult to time and can make for jumpy looking video if there is a lot of it.

I occasionally use Pinnacle Studio 8 (which came free with a camcorder) for other tasks. I mainly use it to cover content on the screen which I do not want to see. This is done using the title editor and either laying down a static shape or another image to cover the area. This can be very cumbersome if there is a lot of movement in the item to be covered which would call for many titles. I try to avoid using it due to it's well documented problems and lack of speed.

I am looking for a more elegant solution to handling this. I would like to be able to do something like you see on the cop shows where they blur a license plate or a face. I am having trouble finding information on this because while I am sure there are programs to do this, I cannot find them based upon my search terms.

Could you guys help? A few questions.

1. What is this filtering/masking called?
2. What programs do this?
3. Do they handle MPEG2 files (I already have a PVR250 for encoding)?
4. Can we not break the bank?

Any help would be great.



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Ulead products have this in their consumer and prosumer products called VideoStudio and Media Studio Pro.

1 & 2. VideoStudio calls it Motion and Filter Tab. Media Studio Pro calls it Moving Path Filter.
3. Both handle MPEG as well as a variety o other formats
4. VideoStudio is reasonable and MediaStudioPro is much more expensive. However, how well they are handled in terms of ease of use and other features may make the more expensive package more reasonable if you want to do a lot of it or have the other features. Free trial downloads are available for both at:

These are the 2 I am familiar with. There are other options as well. I'm surprised it is not an option in Pinnacle Studio 8.

Good luck,
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