How do I remove metadata from .wtv files?


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Can VideoReDo remove metadata from .wtv files created by Microsoft's Windows Media Center (WMC)?

I would like to remove the metadata from files recorded by WMC and the files hopefully still play in WMC or at least in VideoLan Client (VLC).

I am seeking to shrink the size of my stored video files. Almost all are from early movies and television shows (some are even silent movies and shorts like the Keystone Cops and "The George Burns Show") but they were recorded using Windows Media Center. I have removed commercials and that reduced the size on average around 25%.

I remember purchasing movies on CD's (700MB maximum) before DVDs came out. I never bought "Gone With the Wind" on CD but I know the movies were at least in the 90 minute duration if not 120 minute duration time frame. Some of my recording, with commercials, for "Star Trek" episodes, a 1 hour show, are over 3.5GB for 1 hour. The old NTSC televisions with tube technology could not handle that much data. The tubes simply could not switch off and on that fast. Based on CD 90-120 minute movies, I am guessing the "Star Trek" and other old television shows should be able to be stored at about 10% of what they are taking.

I do not mind storing the full 1920x1080 images. That is just work my video card will not have to do for up-scaling from the old NTSC or PAL standards. However I would like to make the stored files as small as possible while still being lossless (at least compared to the original). Getting rid of the metadata is a step in that direction.


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If you "move" the video from one "container"(mp4,ts,) etc to another that does not support that kind of data in the video then
it will be stripped out. Like subtitle types.

I know nothing about "metadata".

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Just save as a TS or MP4 and the file will play in almost anything and the metadata will be gone.
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