How to create a thumbnail DVD menu with TVSuite


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Items needed:
1. Paint (or any other paint program)
2. VideoReDo TVSuite
3. Template with selection buttons prepared to the correct aspect ratio. (I have uploaded 2 I created at the FTP in the DVD_Templates/Pat folder.)
4. Properly sized picture so you can copy and paste from the clipboard using frame capture in VRD

Items provided:
4 choice NTSC 4X3.JPG
4 choice NTSC 16X9.jpg
4 choice 4x3.DT.xml
4 choice 16X9.DT.xml

I created templates with the option for 4 titles. You can modify this to create as many as you wish.

The pictures are sized for my video so I can capture at 1/2 size to the clipboard. You could resize the pictures to fit your clipboard capture.

Start Paint and load the picture (either 4X3 or 16X9 depending on your video) You will see a black background with 4 frames. This is where you will paste to cover the frame.

Start VideoReDo and load the first video. Navigate to the frame you would like as a thumbnail.

1. Press Ctrl+C to capture the frame. Select clipboard. I use 1/2 size because I resized the background picture to fit the
clipboard size of 320X240.

2. Press the Enter key or the OK button.

3. Use Alt+Tab to flip to Paint.

4. Press Ctrl+V to paste the clipboard capture into paint.

5. A marquee will appear around the clip. Move the mouse over the clip and the cursor will change to a four way arrow.

6. Left click on the clip and while holding the left mouse button move it so it covers the upper left blue box (#1)

7. Click outside the marquee area to fix the location.

8. If you make a mistake, simply press Ctrl+Z to undo and Ctrl+V to repaste the clipboard

Press Alt+Tab to flip back to VideoReDo

Load your second, third and fourth videos in the same manner navigating to the frame you desire

Keep repeating steps 1-8 for the number of thumbnails you need.

If you don't use all 4 thumbnail locations, you can black out the rest with the filled rectangle tool in Paint.

When you have all of the thumbnails in place in Paint, press Ctrl+A to select all and Ctrl+C to copy.

Use Alt+Tab to flip back to VideoReDo.

Choose the 4X3 or 16X9 template in the Create DVD window.

Press the "Change Text" button in the Create DVD window.

Press "Change Background" button and select paste from clipboard

You're done!
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