I have a DirectTV satelite receiver with built in digital video recorder


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Is there any way to transfer the files from the internal harddrive, short of taking it appart and connecting the harddrive to my computer? If I did this, are the video files on the DirectTV harddrive in a format readable by VideoReDo?


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I seriously doubt it. When I converted to DirecTV (R16-300 DVR) from my previous cable co, I kept the TiVo (S2 5400) just so I could keep the ability to download show/movies and gladly pay the extra $11 per month for this "privilege".

What model DVR do you have. Your only option may be to get a DVD player/recorder and connect it between the DVR and TV. Play the show/movie on the DVR and record it on the DVD writer. Then copy the DVD into your PC.
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