If VideoReDo goes offline


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I've only been a lurker on this forum in the past but I just want to thank Dan for his efforts to try and keep the authentication active. I've only used VRD to delete ads but it's been the best piece of software for doing the job and doing it well. I admit I get perverse pleasure in deleting ads!

I'm having a minor problem and would welcome any advice. I installed Win11 on a new PC a few months back and every time I edit and save a program it takes about 20 seconds to close. If I open a program and then close it without editing then it closes ok. I've resorted to using the Task Manager to close VRD and I've tried deleting VRD and doing a reinstall but no joy.

Not a biggie but maybe someone has experienced the same.


Thank you so much Dan. if you need some help to offset the cost of the site please let us know. would be glad to contribute to it's upkeep :) there is a reddit setup now by someone https://old.reddit.com/r/videoredo/ so we all may be able to keep in touch that way if this site goes down. no one has posted to it yet however.


i left a message with the moderator including the link to this post asking if it could be added on Tuesday. sounds like the moderator was able to open up posting capabilities.


Awesome, had no idea what had happened just noticed no updates for a long time so dropped in a while back to the news of what had happened.
Thanks for trying to keep this app going. It's the one I have used since I discovered it and it just continues to work well for me.


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I just stopped by to see if the activation page was still working..... as I still didn't get a new PC organised on which to install it.
Then I came across this thread, with the potential future URL by Dan to keep the key lookup and activation wizard running.
That's SUCH a relief. While I don't use VideoRedo on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis.... I do rely on it when I do need it.
I was worried that by the time I get a new PC that maybe it would be too late.
Now it's great to know that I should be good for the future, and I'd like to join the others in my thanks of @Dan203, and for his continued support.
I dislike online activation for the issues we're having here, but thank goodness there are still people like Dan203 in the world who go above and beyond.
Really, thank you.
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