If VideoReDo goes offline


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I've only been a lurker on this forum in the past but I just want to thank Dan for his efforts to try and keep the authentication active. I've only used VRD to delete ads but it's been the best piece of software for doing the job and doing it well. I admit I get perverse pleasure in deleting ads!
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Dan, I don't know if you mentioned it already, I hope you have access to the forum DB and it would be great if you could create a backup because there is a lot of good material on this forum, it would be sad to lose it.


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I backed up everything a few months ago. I don't really have time to do continuous backups, so we will lose everything posted in the last few months if it shuts down suddenly. If his wife gives me notice then I will make a current backup before it goes offline.


I too would offer some financial contribution towards some part of upkeeping the licensing or the domain name, or the forum.

Personally on my level and for my own personal use, if there are no more builds or updates to the current VRD Pro then that will not impact me at all, because my current and latest build of Pro has been doing everything that i need it to do for quite some time, however i know others may want more additional features, or are still having issues with some features that were not resolved prior to Dan Rosen passing away.

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