Increase brightness of .mp4 videos?


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At the bottom of the page is a whole list of

At the bottom of the page is a whole list of

1.Free and open-source
3Commercial proprietary

Oh, be really careful when installing 'freeware".
I've read two articles about all the extra rubbish that they
try to add to your install.

Some show the extra with a check mark and you can opt out.
Some just load you up with a mess.
Can depend on where you download from!

(I use TMPGEnc 5 for that but is not free)
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Also an alternative to consider.

If you are playing back the videos on a PC, use VLC which can modify the brightness and contrast when playing back. This way you can avoid the lengthy reencode process.


I use Zoom Player on the PC which allows me to alter the brightness, contrast, etc. but I wanted it for a couple of music videos that I also watch on my 'phone. MX Player lets me adjust the brightness but I'd rather just sort it out properly. They're fairly short so it won't take long to re-encode them. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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