Is there a chance we can get UNICODE support?


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VRD is developed using Visual C++. VRD was originally developed for Windows 95 using VC++ 6, before Unicode even existed on consumer OSes. VRD has over 550,000 lines of code.


What's annoying me much is the VRD company are trying to peddle the software all over the world in non-english speaking countries, without letting the customers know about this problem (deceiving). It comes as a very unplesant surprise and the customer is left to work around it in their best ability. Although this is no major issue if using dlflannery's VAP (he takes care of the problem for you) or know yourself around scripting and programming.
If I deserve any credit for VAP's Unicode compatibility, it's mostly accidental, probably resulting from using C# .NET, in which strings are Unicoded by default.


Thanks for replying, and for explaining your point of view.

Thanks for openly sharing your point of view.

Thanks for your point of view and guidance.

My own point of view? It's good that these discussions can take place at all. Thanks VRD!

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