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I am testing TVSuite v3.20.2.609 but it appears to be having issues reading my .TiVo files. They open with green blocks all over the screen and switch to gray blocks as the video plays. Occasional I will see portions of the video. The thumbnails at the bottom shows the same. I am using Vista and my copy of TiVo Desktop Plus is functioning correctly. If I open an mpg file it operates correctly. VideoReDo TVSuite v4.20.6.610 also behaves the same way.

I also tried testing on WinXP which I run in a VM on the same PC. That install has a different problem where the Thumbnail view and the bottom looks good for both mpg and TiVo files but nothing is displayed in the main window. That happens for both versions.

I think it is some issue with the MAK key and TiVo Desktop but I'm not sure what to try since Desktop is working correctly. Has anyone else seen this?

Update: I purchased the, uninstalled the two version I had and then reinstalled the new one. The issue remains. Screen shot attached.

Update #2: I ran "TiVo Desktop Troubleshooting" to see if there was anything identified as an issue. It identified "You have identified specific codecs for use in playback in the registry keys HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TiVo\DirectShow\PreferredFilters. Please be aware these preferences override TiVo Desktop's preferred choices and may affect the quality of video playback.". I had set those up ages ago and didn't even remember they were still there. I cleared them from the registry and the issue cleared.


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