Issues with Hi-res display's - small text and missing GUI controls


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My first post and have to say, brilliant piece of software.

With greater and greater numbers on screen resolutions coming out every day has any thought been given to ways of displaying the vital sections of the interface onto these new display devices?

With larger displays I’m finding myself in a situation where Window OS is not able to give me large enough fonts to read easily without parts of a lot of software package not being displayed correctly, as per the warning provided in the Windows Personalisation settings suggests.

On my display device, to gain a readable view of file-names in the various folders, I’m looking at a font increase of 200% in Windows OS. This causes missing info in software programs such as VRD. Although the GUI layout is re-jigged, with some of the on-screen controls appearing in new locations other controls do not appear at all. The Fix Button on the Quick Stream Fix is one case, likewise the Cut Button. (see attached images)

Would it be possible to customise some of the on-screen layout to be floating or dockable? Maybe instead of one work area or ‘window’, have several dockable windows, The Main Selection window, the Cut Commands, Save Commands and the Time-code window etc., allowing the user to activate or display each window when needed. If that was not possible, maybe reduce the minimum size limitation that have been placed on some of these sections in the current layout? Or another way might be to have a selection menu to select buttons the user would like displayed?

I’d be interested to hear how others are handling this issue.



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Unfortunately the underlying technology we use, called MFC, does not support high DPI scaling or any kind of automatic reflow or resize of the controls.

I am actively working on porting all the dialogs for the next major release to a technology called Qt, which does support scaling and resizing, but it's a slow process so I can’t say for sure how long it will take.

That being said VRD is set up by default to use Windows built in scaling. So if you set the system wide scaling option it should enlarge automatically. It will look a bit blurry, since Windows is basically scaling it like a bitmap, but it's all we can do right now with the current technology.


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Dan, thanks for your reply, very encouraging. I bet you're pleased to see the switch to Qt works with little or no change in the existing underlying coding. Should save you a lot of work. Very Cute.
The issues I mentioned are easy to overcome by not exceeding the 180% increase in font size. In the meantime, I'll use my opera-glasses to read the File-names. hehe.

Cheers, H.
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