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Great stuff

After editing several files today I am posting in the dormant "Kudos" thread. I hope that the VRD team has a look.

I am compelled to point out that VideoReDo TVSuiteV4 is a special product. For a very reasonable cost we get

  1. stable, mature software that has long exceeded its original purposes and can be employed successfully for many editing tasks
  2. free, meaningful updates for years after purchase
  3. programs that can be batched and that work on the command line
  4. direct communication with the developers, who respond to everything, via the web forum
The attractions of the software itself are many:

  • If an additional (useful) feature could be implemented without breaking lots of things, the developers have added it.
  • If another tweak would improve something even for a rare file type, they have made it.
  • If another configuration option would be useful, they have exposed it to users.
To single out one thing: in the vital issue of a/v sync VRD is remarkable. If sync were a straightforward matter then we would never mention it. Obviously the developers have taken great pains here and continue to do so.

I do not contend that VRD is perfect. (If it were perfect, then they would not be working on V5.) So it's not perfect, but it's terrific. I use it often, and it does not let me down.

Thanks for the great stuff.
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