Large Buffer Malloc error


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While trying to recode a AVC 422 video to AVC 420, I end up with a "Large Buffer Malloc: no more memory"

I have 4 other files of the same type, which do not have the error and recode just fine. I even ran the original file thru QSF, no diff.



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Can you send an email to support about this. It'll be easier to get the samples we're going to need that way


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What 818g? The only one listed for downloading is 818a. There's a 64bit version of VRDPro?

I have to go back and go thru the file that caused the issue. I discovered well after posting that the file has got a few sections of the file that are heavily glitched. It seems the VRDPro wasn't getting thru those very well.


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I just ran into this issue again. The file was a capture of 1.5 hours of The CW network feed: H264/422. I was running the search for ads, stopping and restarting every now and then as I was looking for particular images. Used Ctrl-C to capture a few. But, at about halfway thru the scan, up popped the out of memory error. The file was 100% clean, no glitches. I've already deleted the file. A ample would had to have been at 6GB in size.

I'll have to try this again when a new release is posted.


You don't have a short sample that you could send to me to download and test on my Pro 64bit Build.

I still can't convert 4k/50p HEVC MPEG-TS 422 files to 4k/50p AVC with the new 64bit Build, but i can do the cutting side of it, but i think that may have something to do with the 4.2.2 part, i can however now edit and reconvert my 4k/60p HEVC 4.2.0 GoPro files to 4k/60p AVC.


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A short sample won't work. It took over an hour of video before the error occurred. I currently do not deal with 4K video, so I have not run into your issues.
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