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Attached is a Log Archive script I have written to sort out your VRD logs. I am running this script monthly from the Vista Scheduler, but there is no reason why it could not be run daily or even on an ad hoc basis. Useful if you want to keep a record of an error. It is set up for VideoReDo-TVSuite at the moment, but can be easily changed if you are not running TVSuite.

The script:

Finds the location of the Log file from the registry
Gets the date and time for the archive file
Renames the VideoReDo.Log
Create a new VideoReDo.Log
Put the following message at the start of the log file:

2008_01_09 16:45:48 Previous Logfile saved as D:\Logs\2008_01_09_VideoReDo.Log

There is extensive error checking and any errors are written to the Application Event Log, like some of the following:

VRD_Log: Run Already Today, D:\Logs\2008_01_09_VideoReDo.Log exists
VRD_Log: No Log Found

and a good completion:

VRD_Log: Log Renamed

Any changes, ideas, criticisms etc, please let me know. Have fun.

Please change filename from .txt to .vbs


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