Lots of PTS errors - 815a


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To be fair, 758b also had PTS errors with the, but it didn't also have audio resync errors converting the AAC5.1 to DD5.1. That said, the source is a BBC1 OTA Freeview TS file, with AAC audio.

There are three log files in the included zip file. The plain old log file is a run converting the AAC5.1 to DD5.1. The "keepAAC" log file is the same editing run, not converting AAC to DD. and the 3rd takes the just completed keep run and does the AAC to DD and it too has PTS errors, even though the file was just run thru VRDPro.

If need be, a sample of the file can be provided. I'd trim it down to as small a file as possible to where PTS errors are still there.


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