Much better, a few sticking points in Profile Files.


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VRD6 797, W10/1809, 16 core threadripper.

Sticking points first...
All my Profile X264.MP4 settings are now staying except...
1. "Encoding mode" "Single Pass" is the ONLY option that sticks and functions so no CRF or Double Pass.

2. "Encoder" set to "Classic Encoder" , click "Save" and everything just vanishes.

I do have an old VRD5 Profile imported and that one DISPLAYS "SINGLE PASS" But does do a Double Pass on save.
You can not change that old profile (in VRD6) either.

And thank you so,so, so MUCH for fixing the crazy high AC3 bitrate problem!
Core usage (Standard dvd.mpg 5 minute file)...
X264 (VerySlow-Preset) Single Pass - 189Fps 40s% range. So 6 ish cores used.
X264 (VerySlow-Preset) Double Pass - 124Fps Pass1 28%, Pass2 58%_9 ish cores used.

I know the encoders have changed but don't remember what they were.
Now I find that the Standard VRD5 encoder does 50% on both Pass 1 & Pass 2...8 cores used.
The OLD H.264 would only use 4-5 core at best so that's a good improvement.

HEVC in VRD6 (or HandBrake-25% to 32%)
Don't bother buying cores for this. 25% to 28% core use. Get a 5Gig quad core and you are set!

I did a 10 sec dvd.mpg file with a HEVC "Slow Preset" and it was only 10 times real time encoding.(2.92Fps)
I'm staying with X264!

EDIT... Intel QuickSync blows cpu cores out of the water.
Just have not seen any measurement of video quality. I'm sure youtube quality is fine but if you want the best...don't know.
Is software encode quality still the BEST?

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