Mysterious Audio Stream Distortion


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I found a very interesting problem.
I am really curious what you find about it….
I attached a 13-second long sample video file.
Download and open with VideoReDo.

Problem: VideoReDo can’t play Hungarian audio stream correctly.

If you switch to Hungarian audio stream you hear an intermittent deep growl.
English audio stream is perfect.

Even more strange this sound distortion is no occur when you play this video file with a media player, eg. Windows Media Player, Media Player Home Cinema. Hungarian Audio Stream is perfect - you can only hear this disortion when using VideoReDo.

And even more strange than that: this problem only occurs on Viasat Nature channel from szept.2023.

What is this problem and how can I fix it?


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I had some success playing around with this file but I’m not convinced that a have a solution, it’s more in a fix or pointer.
I have encountered cases where audio streams have not worked ok with VRD. I decided to get VRD to recode the Hungarian track to AC3 but the English track went iffy. Recoding both audio tracks at the same time didn’t help either.
The next step was to create two separate files, one for each audio track, converting them to AC3 as well. I then combined them using mkvtoolnix but VLC gave an error message concerning one of the audio tracks. Running the file through VRD QSF sorted that out though.
I believe that the audio recode sorted out potential incompatibility problems but playing around with multiple audio streams in VRD is not robust.
I wouldn’t like to try this where the audio required lip synching though.
Good luck!


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I had some success playing around with this file but I’m not convinced that a have a solution, it’s more in a fix or pointer.
Oh, really thanks for your immediately testing and answering! (y)

And what do you think about this strange situation?

I have two parabolic antenna on the roof.
One for DIGI satellite broadcasting
One for DIRECT ONE satellite broadcasting.

The satellite is the SAME where the sign came from: THOR / INTELSAT 1.0 W
I use the SAME Technisat S2 mediabox in both case to watch and record the films.
Viasat Nature is available on both service provider.

But only DIGI satellite broadcasting - Viasat Nature shows this problem.
DIRECT ONE satellite broadcasting - Viasat Nature is good, no such this problem.
So everything is the SAME: the THOR satellite and the mediabox.

:unsure: I don’t understand theoretically:
1. How can this problem occurs only with DIGI broadcasting?
2. And why? Before szept.2023, everything was good. Audio signal confused somehow?


many satellite oder cable providers don't use the original stream from the program provider. The streams are often recoded to reduce the data rate or to create their own multiplex. If the audio is recoded too, they might have a mistake in the audio stream or the stream does not exactly meet the specifications: some devices (or software programs) still play it, others don't...
I had this problem some years ago in germany with a cable provider who decided to recode all free public programs (to reduce the quality so that pay television had better quality). I couldn't even cut the video without disturbing the audiostream.

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