Need a downgrade to previous beta


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You can install VRD to a different folder everytime and have all your versions ready to go.

Also NEVER delete your install files.
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I also need to do the same, so I thought ask here just to be sure.

Currently: VideoReDo TVSuite V6 beta: v6.62.4.830a

I want to revert back to: VideoReDo TVSuite v6.62.4.827b (the version I was using before installing the above)

While v6.62.4.830a has SORT OF fixed a major problem with tv recordings in .TS format that have MPEG video AND 2 audio tracks, eg:

Video: ID: 2314 (0x90A) / Menu ID: 560 (0x230) / Format MPEG Video
Audio #1 / ID: 2315 (0x90B) / Menu ID: 560 (0x230) / Format: MPEG Audio / Format version: Version 1 / Format profile: Layer 2
Audio #2 / ID: 2415 (0x96F) / Menu ID: 560 (0x230) / Format: AAC LC SBR

which causes VRD v6.62.4.827b to crash.

[Been meaning to report but never seem to find the time....]

v6.62.4.830a sort of fixes this problem by simply deleting the 2nd audio track when I save the edited video but the 1st audio track is now out-of-sync ... not by much, but is just noticeable when you watch the saved video.

PS. The work-around for v6.62.4.827b is to delete the 2nd audio track via MKVToolNix 1st ... which doesn't cause the audio sync issues 99% of the time ... but not always.

Anyway, getting back to the point of this post ...

Can I simply re-install v6.62.4.827b "over the top" of v6.62.4.830a?

Or do I need to uninstall v6.62.4.830a first? If I need to uninstall 1st, what, if anything, do I need to save before doing so?

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