Need to display running TimeCode of the video


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Hi folks,
I need to submit a 'home' video. The video is required to have onscreen the original Date and Time from the video. Is it possible to take one of my .MP4 videos to do this with this software, if so, how?
My friend Choreographs ROTC. They March and spin mock Rifles and Flags to music. There are Competitions. They Submit short videos - 10 minutes would be Maximum length. The Time code needs to run at the bottom of the screen. I searched for TimeCode in the help system, it looks like there are parameters for this.

VideoReDo6 v6.4.85.790

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No. There is a way to force it to burn in the video PTS value, but that's not what you want. The timecode in the MP4 is part of the metadata and not something we currently support.
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