no sound when burning dvd with videoredo suite


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Today I burned a DVD for the first time since I upgraded to 3.15.564. In the past, I have not had a problem with sound or video on the recordings. I am using the same equipment.

The sound plays on an older dvd player, but when I play the dvd in my HD player, I get no sound.

I pulled out a DVD I made in 2006 and it plays just fine in the HD dvd player. I guess there is some setting that is wrong or something. Can anyone help me?


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check the properties of each of the VOBs. Load the VOB into VideoReDo and Press Ctrl+L

See if the audio is different between the 2 DVDs


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I'm guessing this is a setting in your DVD player. Check the DVD like Pat suggested. My guess is that it's using MP2 audio. (akak MPEG-1 layer 2) If it is change the audio output setting on your DVD player to output PCM audio and then try the DVD again. I'm betting it will work then.

The problem is that when you set some DVD players to output the raw audio bitstream, so that you can pass DD5.1 and DTS to your receiver, they take that setting quite literally and also output MP2 audio as a raw stream. Unfortunately most audio receivers can't actually decode MP2 audio so you end up with no sound. Changing the setting to PCM causes the DVD player to decode it internally and send the audio to the receiver as simple stereo which it should have no problem playing.

If that's not the case then it could also be that you have one of the few DVD players out there that don't support MP2 audio. MP2 audio is part of the DVD specification, but for some odd reason it's support is not required for NTSC based DVD players. (it is required for PAL players) Most DVD players support it anyway but there are a few out there that don't and it's possible you may have one of them.

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