Now that I can't register VideoReDo what alternative.

I have had a official purchased version of VideoReDo which looks likely is never going to reregistered. I can't help wondering why the people who inherited the company won't allow anyone to register free if they aren't going to keep the company going.

What is the best alternative that allows me to take a recorded tv show, knock out the ads and keep it for replay?
I have had VideoReDo DVD Suire 5 for many years and my last upgrade was with H264, I still have dozens of emails from the forums. My PC crashed and I am reloading all of my programs

I did manage to find many old files for VideoReDo on another drive. I click the exe file and it installed but it saves it's only a trial version. I can produce paperwork showing that I had purchased the program.

Sorry for any confusion, perhaps I'm getting to old for PC work.
I have checked all of my old emails and was surprised that I have about 100 from either the forum or from HyperReality who collected the money.

It seems that I had some previous problem with reloading updates and previously they provided me with key numbers for various upgrades. The program I'm trying to register a file it says that it's VideoRedo Suite H264 which says that it's registered to a trial copy.

I have tried entering the key number for this so-called Trial Copy from with the number provided in the emails that I have from HyperReality by copying the number from the email. I when go to the help section where It says to register and it would not accept the key.

I turned off the PC for a few hours and was very surprised to see that the program now says It' registered. What happened I have no idea.

It even asked if I would like to upgrade the version 6, but I can't see anyone doing so as there would probably just be money down the drain at this point of time.


VRD is not open source software, it contains elements that are from other software companies that would want a share of any sale proceeds. So, it cannot be made "free" by VRD.
I don't think that you would be able to purchase an upgrade to V6 even if you wanted to, its just that the roadblock to make purchases is set well down the communication chain.


cp2: You are not the spokesperson for VRD or the heiress! You'd better hold back with your assumptions. How the legal situation is for example with Mainconcept, you know at last and also a certain Dan 203 not.
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