One look&one OK in NonPro changes ALL X264s profiles to "Default"


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Finally sorted out why I keep finding my X264 Pro Profiles all
changed to default instead of x264.

Look at a non Pro Profile and change it or just hit OK and
the "X264" setting in ALL Pro Profiles are changed to "Default".

Every time I'm using Pro I must check the X264 setting.
I just can not trust it to be correct.



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Yeah, sorry, the output profiles file is shared between both versions and since consumer does not support x264 any time you edit a profile in consumer it will reset all of your profiles.

Your best bet is to just use Pro for everything. If you need the consumer dialog there is a check box in the lower right of the Edit Profiles dialog that will enable it. Alternatively anywhere in the UI that shows the profile edit dialog if you hold Shift before clicking the button it will show the other dialog. So if you have that check set to show consumer dialog then holding Shift and clicking Edit, New, etc... will show the grid dialog. And if you have it set to show the grid then holding Shift will show the consumer dialog.

We originally were using a license setting to determine if the user was running Pro, so we couldn't dynamically change hard coded variables like the name of the user profile file. We've recently added a build directive for Pro which will allow us to do this, but we're not going to change the name of the user profile file until v6 because we don't want to mess up existing users.
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