Output Dialog - Picture Green Hook is missing


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Since a few beta versions the green hook is missing if a file was successfully saved. I just tried it again with the latest beta (831a).

I did not found anything in the settings to enable it, so I think it must belongs to the program and I think it was still in the version 823a and is missing after this version?

Is there a chance to get it back in one of the next betas?

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Wow, back again after I switched to Englisch :D

I would never have thought of that. No problems to use it in Englisch.

Thanks for your help.



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We found the problem. Sometime last year we switched translation tools, and for some reason it's not copying the .png graphics into the translated DLLs. PNGs are only used in a couple of places, one is output complete dialog, and another in the batch processor. We've contacted the vendor of the translation utility for assistance.
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